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Amazing Ride!

It was an absolute pleasure working with you sir, and JAZZA really added the icing to this monstrous cake! Thank you for taking my silly idea and making it a reality :-D



I've been on both sides unfortunately :P


Why are all these audio artists, including myself, being featured on your animation? There isn't a single song listed there that's played on this. Seriously, could you take all of us off of here so we don't have to be associated with this. I really don't like my name being on here if I'm not contributing at all to...well whatever this is.

benjadaninja responds:

I just want views, mate. Did you watch the movie though? Lots of people think it's pretty good.

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Out of State Check

"I'm fed up with this WOoorld"
"You're TEARING me apart..Lisa"
"Well you know what they say.......Love is blinnnd"
"I did not hit her! I did naaaaat"

This movie as been my for of entertainment for the past month. You guys rock so much for turning this into a game. I can die happy now.


This is absolutely amazing stuff! It makes me want to sit down at the piano and just play all day long. The colors, the movement,,,everything was just so beautiful. It's a great example of how someone can participate in music even if they don't know how to play a single note.

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Classic Bosa.

I've enjoyed listening to your pieces ever since we both entered into the December MAC of 2008 I believe. Your orchestral work is always appreciated. It's never attempting to impress me with grand, overly done musical gestures...but rather embraces my spirit with it's charm and progressive chord structure. I always appreciate that from you.

Hope you're holding the fort down in Tennessee, because I certainly miss it right now :)

Bosa responds:

Although I'm always looking to improve on my overall skill as a musician, I can safely say that I'm at a point right now where I'm somewhat satisfied. I'm just glad that there are so many other musicians that's been on this site almost as long as I have. I've had my ups and downs I guess, but it's people like you that's kept me going strong. The encouraging reviews are always my favorite, as it lets the artist know that there is some notice and some motivation to continue getting better at music, instead of saying "You're terrible. Just quit now." I appreciate you taking a listen to my track, and I'm thankful not only for the friendship that you've shown me, but also the great music that you've produced.

Also, there's no other place I'd rather be than right here in Tennessee. Heck, Rachel's down here.

Still one of my fav

Over two years and I've still got this in rotation :)

Where Have I Been?

I have not been keeping up with your music lately my friend and I'm extremely saddened right now from this. You are a true sound manipulator. I envy your natural tweaking abilities. This....freaking.....rocks!

Rig responds:

Well, my music isn't going anywhere...feel free to catch up. :D

Just a simple guy. I only contribute music to newgrounds since I have no visual artistic talents whatsoever. My influences come mostly from Vangelis, George Winston, and a heavy dose of electronica and new age.

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