I'm still here. No plans to leave!

2013-03-03 20:01:04 by Reasoner

Hey Everyone,

I've gotten a few very flattering, yet slightly depressing messages to my email about my departure from Newgrounds. I can assure everyone who still visits this page that I haven't left NG, and I have no intention of doing so at this point. Newgrounds is where I first found my musical voice, and I'd be a total idiot if I simply abandoned the platform that has connected me to hundreds and hundreds of people who truly appreciate the music I like writing. It's been a fun ride so far!

On that note, check out a few of my new tracks below:

Fu Midaji
West Cliff

As always, thanks for listening :)

I'm still here.  No plans to leave!


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2013-03-03 20:29:17

Awesome! Because you have been an inspiration to many (myself included) and we would all hate to see you leave! Keep on making the amazing music that you do!

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3


2013-03-03 21:43:25

:) good


2013-03-03 22:44:04

Very happy to hear that you are back Ryan! Brilliant musician!



2013-03-31 23:17:59

Kind of surprised not to see a substantially larger turnout on this page, the music here is quite stylized and unique. Not to mention it just sounds great.


2013-09-30 10:12:37