So much has changed...

2012-10-28 20:34:07 by Reasoner

It's been so long since I've updated this page. I feel like newgrounds and its users that used to listen to me have moved on lol, but I'm hopeful that some of you guys decided to stick around. I always enjoy hearing from you, even if I'm not the best at replying.

So what's been going on with me anyway? Life has really changed in so many ways for me since I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area over 3 years ago. I've taken on a couple of promotions at my day job, and have been in the best relationship of my iife with an awesome lady I met a year and half ago. Scary crap right? could say that if you'd like. Or call me a jerk for putting music on the side for as long as I have....that's cool too playa :P My point, is that life has been great, but a little too busy for me to spend quality time with my love for writing music.

That being said, please check out a couple of my new tracks I've posted here!


One More Castle

I've been getting more and more into mobile music apps, and they've helped me with these last two tracks tremendously. Seriously, with the amount of commuting I do now, I wouldn't of been able to come up with these latest songs without the help of my ipad and phone. It's crazy how awesome technology continues to push musicians creativity!

That's all I've got for now. I thank everyone whose been following me all these years. Please check me out on Facebook for more regular updates and song previews before I'm finished with them ;)



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2012-10-28 23:44:00

Well sir, I got on the site last year, so I don't know you from 3 years ago, but if it's any consolation, welcome back!


2012-10-29 04:40:36

Oh I've bought your latest albums. Still a fan.


2012-11-12 23:47:14

I love your music, I found it through Jazza your music video made me buy your album i have been listening to it for almost a year now and would like to say think you for your music.


2012-11-14 13:43:32

Good to hear from you, man! Especially awesome to hear everything's working out great for you. Promotions, a good relationship and all the rest.

Though the thing's that's the best for me is that you're back, making us some sweet, sweet tunes. Good to hear from you, cheers!


2012-11-17 20:27:35

I'm still here (haha, subconscious use of your 2008 submission title, only just realised it after finishing the comment) :D
Seems to have been the whole 3 years for me then, wow, time flies.
Liking the new stuff too, been on your SoundCloud so much recently to help with uni work. For some reason it keeps making me un-follow you on there, well, I have just followed you again if that's any consolation.


2012-11-19 05:23:48

Gosh, was it really 2008? I remember neither the password nor the email of my account back then, but I had to make a new one for this.

Just wanted to say I really enjoy your music, a lot. I listened to you a lot in 2008 and 2009, and wound up with a lot of your music.

Over the years my music folders grew and shrunk, at one point I deleted thousands of songs, and since then I have only what resided on my ipod at easy access, about 500 songs. Today I was sitting listening to music and one of your songs came on, a file that has existed somewhere on my systems for 4 years now, and afterwards I searched and found i still had 3 of your songs. So I've been sitting here for more than an hour with them on repeat, and thinking what had happened to you.

I sat here wondering how your life was going, and mostly how your music was going. I had a moment of sadness as I imagined you might have stopped, got caught up in other endeavors, fallen away from music. Something compelled me to check here, and I wholly expected a long forgotten account from the cobwebs of 2009, an unreachable person whom I would know nothing about.

But lo and behold, 3 weeks after you update, I come here to check, after years. And i read exactly what I had been pondering, namely, how your life was going, how your music was going. And what I see makes me happy, you lead a good life, have an awesome lady, and your music still exists, and still gets love.

So thank you for sticking at it, you've warmed my night. And I'm back from 3 years, I think I'll stick around a while longer. You had better update your Facebook frequently.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have quite the backlog of new music to attend to, as well as audio-nostalgia to visit as well.


2012-11-19 20:44:16

Coming Home is still the single most played song in my library, topping professional audio. Love your style, background, and attitude. Glad to feel a pulse, looking forward to future audio if and when it should arise.


2013-02-11 01:02:53

Good luck. Never stop making the Muzitch man.


2013-02-13 07:47:31

Wow, it's been a long time, Reasoner... I've always been a massive fan of your work, and your music has really inspired me. I remember stumbling across Living Transparent mid-2009 and, I myself, play the piano, was really amazed by what I found. I was pretty good back then, not so much any more, but just thought that Living Transparent was one of the most amazing things I had heard in a good long time. Your other music, such as Where Do We Turn and _Lost_ was just breath-taking, and I am so glad you haven't changed your style of music over the course of these almost-four years.

I remember buying Prologue the moment it came out, and I am really glad I did. My favourite piece was Comet, and oh boy.. The music video to this day still gives me goosebumps whenever I watch it. I remember it coming out a day or so before Christmas here in Australia, and I had to resist so much not to view it until Christmas Eve, and I think I must have watched it at least a dozen times before I went to sleep that night.

Your music has this amazing thing about it, where it can draw something out of people, whether it's a memory, or a feeling, and it's just spectacular. I really, really love West Cliff, by the way. That's the Reasoner I remember and love, right there!

I constantly check your newgrounds page, usually without much of an update, but I don't mind. If there isn't a new song, there's always one from 2008 or so that never gets old. I've gone through my music so much, but there's an immortal folder sitting there marked "Reasoner".

I really hope to see some more music from you soon, man. Another album would be incredible! And congratulations with your girl, man. I hope you two have a wonderful life together. Take it easy, man.