"One Text" The Great American No Bull Challenge

2012-04-01 14:54:19 by Reasoner

Check out my first ever music video, produced by Zeedox and JAZZA!

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Windrunner15 has produced a compelling video on the reality of cyber bullying in high schools these days. I consider myself fortunate that texting and social media wasn't a reality when I was in high school. We had barely started using cell phones, and the bullies I dealt with growing up were much more direct with their insults.

Windrunner has used my music in some really creative ways here, so please check out the link and vote for his submission!

"One Text" The Great American No Bull Challenge


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2012-04-01 16:53:11

Good luck with everything you do now and in the future.


2012-07-15 02:59:54

Love the music video! :D