Check out first music video!

2011-12-21 02:28:05 by Reasoner

Check out my first ever music video, produced by Zeedox and JAZZA!

Buy my album on iTunes here

You can also buy the album directly at CD Baby

Once upon a time (2 years ago), I had an idea for a piece of music I wanted to write. I'd been living in California for a good 6 months, and was anxious to try and produce something that was deeper than the simple melodic songs I'd put up here.

That piece of music as become one of my favorite tracks. Seriously, I play it anytime I've had a crappy day at work. I titled the song "Chasing Comets In My Garage", which was a tribute to my memories as a boy playing with my Shetland Sheepdog Comet. As I grew up and started spending late nights playing around with loops, synth lines and piano melodies, he would curl up by my feet and listen to my endless attempts to sound "cool" amongst my high school friends. Comet finally passed away over a year ago after living for over 16 years. He was my best friend as a kid.

Around July of 2010 I had this crazy idea to somehow get a Newgrounds animator interested in doing a music video for me. I put out a plea here, asking anyone who had any interest to message me. Within 24 hours, Zeedox had taken the bait. I sent him my basic story idea, which revolved around a boy waking up Christmas Eve night from a series of shooting Comets outside his window, and went out on an epic space adventure with his favorite superhero. Greg instantly shot me back a fully scripted storyboard, and began working on background art and character concepts. It was an absolute trip...let me tell yah :)

We were shooting for a Christmas 2010 release, but Greg got wrapped up in a couple of other VERY AWESOME AND IMPORTANT projects. We put Project Comet aside and I got lost in my day job for the next year. About a month ago however, I was totally taken off guard to find out that Greg was back at work on the project and had gotten the epic help of JAZZA to work on all of the characters.

COMET is finished, and I couldn't be more excited right now. It's one of the coolest things I've ever been a part of, and Jazza/Zeedox deserve more respect and props from me then I could probably ever give them for their hard work. I hope you guys enjoy it, cause it's been so much fun to watch it get this far.


Check out first music video!


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2011-12-21 05:09:51

fuckin pleasure mate! The music is awesome, especially cool to read it's origin, and working on anything Greg get's excited about always turns to gold because he's to damn talented. :)

Reasoner responds:

Thanks for stepping in and helping this thing see the light of day! You guys do absolutely amazing stuff together. I'm glad my music is now part of something seriously magical here on NG.


2011-12-21 05:25:56

One of the best flashes I've seen this year :)



2011-12-21 09:30:11

Awesome! Truly .

One down. One to go.

Reasoner responds:

Keep me posted! :D


2011-12-22 06:01:18

Just bought the album off of CD Baby. It's fantastic :) Hope to see another album sometime :D Keep up the great work.


2011-12-25 00:11:02

Very cool man! Love it!


2012-02-10 01:11:33

Wow, that was epic.

Do you plan on making any more music? I freaking love your first album, it'd be awesome if you did a second ;)


2012-02-10 01:11:33

Wow, that was epic.

Do you plan on making any more music? I freaking love your first album, it'd be awesome if you did a second ;)


2012-03-27 20:54:24

One swift purchase! What a gem this album is.