What's been going on in my life lately

2011-06-26 15:36:15 by Reasoner

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Hey Gang,

It seems like it's been ages since I put up a real post here. I still get a bit giddy seeing people purchase my album half a year after its release. You guys are awesome as usual.

My music has been extremely slow to produce these days, as I'm sure everyone has noticed. I've lost much of my drive when I first moved here (California) and the day job that I have now, has taken up some of my free time. Bills and Rent will always be due and as a result, my creative side has diminished.

I have no doubt it'll come back at some point though. It always does :) But for now, I hope you enjoy the album, the stuff on here, and check back from time to time. I'm still around....adulthood has just kept me out of the spotlight for a good long while.



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2011-06-26 15:59:45

I feel terrible the video has not been completed, but it's still on my list. I could potentially scale down my vision of the project ... but I don't mind that I "bit off more than I could chew" ...

I'm learning a lot with the projects I've done in the interim, and I still plan to bring the video to fruition.

It's a beautiful album that I still keep cycled in my cue. Thanks for the music, and don't worry about life ... all this life stuff happens in waves ... and when you come back to your music you'll have that much more experience/frustration/love/inspirati on/need to work with.

Reasoner responds:

Oh RicePirate...don't worry about "scaling down" anything! I'd hate for you to release something that just made you think "This could of been better" everytime you watched it ;) I know the feeling all too well.

Thanks for the encouragement. I completely agree with you. It always comes in waves. I'm going through a rather big one right now, but it'll die down eventually and the piano can get dusted off by then :)


2011-06-27 15:50:56


I work for a small non-profit org. and wanted to make sure if we could use a song of yours in our presentation. We would not be profiting in any way: only raising awareness for Haiti. We would credit you for the song. We just wanted to make sure we could use it without working out licensing rights.



Reasoner responds:

Hey Jose,

No problem. I'm always ok with Non-Profits using my music. Good luck!



2011-06-27 21:37:10

Adulthood crumbles the artistic side? I don't wanna be an adult. ><

I'm still loving your music, I just haven't figured out how to buy your album without having a credit card. I'll buy it, and it'll be the first album I will ever buy, why? Because your art inspires me, and sometimes gives me the strength to give it my all. It helps me throug the hard times, too.
Your music is helping my life, so I'll do the least I can to help you.

P.S.: I think signing off like that is awesome.



2011-07-22 12:41:36

Yup. I'm one of them who bought your album a few weeks back. Glad to see that you're still here.

And do hope you get back your drive and inspiration to make music. :D


2011-07-31 19:31:36


Ever since I coincidentally found one of your songs on a video on YouTube (one of your older songs that's no longer on Newgrounds - Canyon; I found it in 2009), your music has accompanied me through all kinds of things. Some songs stay in my mind as being happy; others sad, but each of your songs holds its own unique memory.

Watching you become more and more popular (and selling an album!) has been one of the best things that I've seen: artists such as yourself getting the credit that you deserve. Your music has helped me through relationship break-ups, relationship get-togethers, hard family times, the stress and strain of the world... you name it, your music has always helped get me through things.

I've always tried to play your music on piano (an old Korg i4s - A Walk Down The Trail and Champions' Green are the two I play the most); however, since I'm no piano expert, I haven't succeeded... yet. Even though I'm pretty solitary when I'm listening to your music (my family and friends don't really like the same genre), I've still listened to your tracks more than I have any other artist. Some people would say it's weird that I "smash the replay button" on piano music - growing up as a 16 year old in a world of corporate RnB and Hip Hop isn't easy - but I'm still as enthused as I was when I started listening back in '09.

Being the first person to purchase your album off iTunes (so I'm led to believe), I'm glad I bought it, and I'll always continue to buy your songs if you release anymore via iTunes. For someone such as yourself to sign off in such a chilled and optimistic way is pretty commendable, and I hope that, once the weight of the world has lifted, we'll all be seeing some new songs that are better than ever!

As for me (and I'm guessing the rest of your fanbase) - I fully appreciate the need to concentrate on the world (jobs, etc.), and,as I said, signing off as you have is very commendable. I will definitely keep listening to your music, and I'm sure it will help me further in life.

Anyway, I've gone on enough! The last thing I have to say is: you're amazingly talented, and I'll always be eternally grateful for you sharing your music with the world.

Peace :).