Don't Sleep

2011-01-03 18:19:51 by Reasoner

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I never could think of any particularly memorable title for this song. I started it as just a piano improv that I was recording while talking to a friend online. Kind of what I usually do in the evening after a long, stressful day at work, but this one started to take off and have a life of its own. I stopped recording at some point and considered just adding some strings and calling it a day. But halfway through the recording, I started adding a steady tempo and instantly the mood changed. It goes from a solemn, introspective interlude into a driving, saddened plunge into anxiety.... complete with a fade out into distortion.

For those of you who don't know me, I tend to suffer from a sometimes severe case of anxiety. It's most noticable to myself at night when I'm attempting to sleep, and so the simple title of this song represents the troubled times I can have trying to have a peaceful 8 hours of rest. Plain and simple :)


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Don't Sleep


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2011-01-04 14:42:26

So that's how you get inspiration? Awesome.

I'm trying to become an artist myself, but finding inspiration for drawing is extremely hard. Luckily, I've found your songs. So often, I can listen to them and just "soak in" the feel of the song, and at other times I just have to draw something out of it.

The next time I make something that's worth looking at that was inspired by your songs, I will definitely try to share it with you! :)


2011-01-05 04:54:35

Perhaps...maybe in the future....a physical copy? =]


2011-01-10 18:08:46



2011-02-02 13:57:28

I'll buy as soon as I get on iTunes. Great work. ;)


2011-03-10 01:22:59

FLAC encoding please? :D


2011-03-10 12:39:54

You will die of sleep deprivation before starvation. Telling somebody not to sleep is horrible.


2011-03-19 10:08:41

Trying to be funny and failing is horrible too.