2010-12-27 01:30:53 by Reasoner

BUY Reasoner's Debut Album!

*I'm putting out a new discussion once a week that goes over the inspiration and method for writing each track of "Prologue". I appreciate everyone whose already gone and bought this. Thanks a million!*


"Overture" was an absolute nightmare to figure out. It had originally started out as a piano-centric piece and had been sitting on my hard drive unfinished for months while I worked on other ideas. I just couldn't figure out what in the world I was going to do with it. It had a grand, stringed intro complete with marimbas, strings, and all sorts of instruments that were all just competing with each other to have the spot light. In a word.....horrific. I knew I was just trying to hard to start the album off with a bang, and had ended up writing an epic piece of crap....so I ditched it.

About a month before I was set to finish the album, I pulled the track back up to chuckle at how ridiculous it sounded. That's when I realized it HAD to be the opening song. I spent a good two days at that point writing an ambient, mellow opening to it and cutting out all of the orchestral junk I had tried to throw in...minus the strings and the piano. Bingo. It was exactly what I wanted to hear.

This track was meant to give you, the listener, an opening glimpse at the kind of music I like to write. It's uplifting, otherworldly at times, but take you back home by the end of it to something that's trying to comfort you for the rest of the journey. I still smile sometimes when I listen to it at just how ridiculous it used to sound. Thankfully...you didn't hear that version ;)


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2010-12-27 10:29:59

you make amazing work, and I have several of your pieces on my phone.
Getting this album is the least I could do.

Reasoner responds:

Thanks for buying! Glad it's enjoyable so far.


2010-12-27 10:45:51

I bought it like 2 weeks ago man

Reasoner responds:

Whoot! I appreciate it.


2010-12-27 11:25:58

Got this album when you first announced it! Love it.

I actually wanted to ask permission to create a music video for "Prism". It would be in the future, but I have plenty of sketches in my notebook already. I know NG has recently taken a stronger stance on copyrighted material, so I wanted to make sure I had your blessings before diving in too deep.

Again, great album.

Also ... first iTunes review WOOTSZ!


Reasoner responds:

Saweet.....Full permission to get started :)


2010-12-27 14:21:21

Amazon gift card saves the day! Downloading now!

Reasoner responds:

haha yes...use ALL the gift cards :P


2010-12-29 15:13:55

I'm in love with your music.

Reasoner responds:

thank ya


2011-01-01 01:41:46

Were a user to make an animation with a song on the album "Overture,", would it be outside the bounds of the Creative Commons license or would you allow it?

PS. Bought the full track, and am currently listening. I'm glad my money is going to a well deserved artist.

Reasoner responds:

Thanks for buying! I would allow it under a couple of conditions. PM me to discuss it further :)