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Just a simple guy. I only contribute music to newgrounds since I have no visual artistic talents whatsoever. My influences come mostly from Vangelis, George Winston, and a heavy dose of electronica and new age.

37, Male


Middle Tennessee State

SF Bay Area, CA

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NG is a great starting place, but if you want success you won't find it here.

Hey Ryan, I've been listening to your pieces for a long, long time now and even got your album back in the day. It's been a great ride. Still have a bunch of your tunes on my phone. Sad to see you (officially) leave the community, but I understand the circumstances.

I'll be following you on SoundCloud for sure. Keep rockin', big guy.

I hope you can continue to find reason to make good content; please remember to keep coming back here to NG as much as you can.

Your music has played a big part in my life, and I can't say I'm glad to see you leave, however, I do wish you good luck.

The stuff you write is seriously legitly good. Do well wherever you go next

You were one of the first artists I followed here. Really sad that so many great artists have and are moving on from NG. Best wishes wherever life takes you.

There are so many things I want to type and express. All of these emotions are rushing in too fast, making it almost impossible to think. How to describe them is a struggle. I think we all have experienced something that no matter how hard we try, we could never truly explain the full meaning.

I remember the time when I first heard your music. It was way back in 2010 and the song was 'I'm Still Here'. I was only 13 when my brother showed it to me on Youtube. I cannot describe how 'captured' I was. Those deep notes in the beginning froze me on the spot and I had a hard time remembering how to breath.

5 years later and I am still listening to your wonderful music. Some make me think, smile, sleepy, and (as much as it is embarrassing to admit) cry more often then most.

Everyone struggle in life, but some take comfort in different forms. Dancing, talking, reading, watching a good show, ect. But mine will always be listening to your music.

Thank You Reasoner
For helping me through your music
Have a wonderful life

I've loved and listened to your music for many years... It's sad to see you go :( but I know your going to do great things.

We'll miss you, Reasoner.

Reasoner you make great music. I'm glad you allowed Platform Racing 2 to use your music many years ago because that's how I discovered you. Thank you for the great ride. I will continue following you on Soundcloud.